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Switching to an EV

Making the switch to an electrical vehicle is an exciting, even electrifying, change! With gas prices constantly changing, and affordable environmentally-conscious products such as EVs becoming more obtainable, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of owning one. While your driving habits may only change slightly, there’s one portion of your experience that will need careful planning—charging your vehicle’s battery.

In exchange for less trips to the gas pump, you’ll be charging your electric vehicles battery at your home or workplace. No ordinary wall plug will be able to handle the sheer size and capacity of your EVs battery, with charge times taking significantly longer without proper modifications and electrical capabilities. AMP Electric is excited about this positive shift in the automotive industry, and are prepared to get your home or business ready for whatever your new needs may be!

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Installation & Levels

Most EV owners are able to get through their daily driving with one overnight charge. For those with longer commutes or larger vehicle batteries, you may need more modifications to your home’s electrical system and more time to charge. Your driving habits and your vehicle’s capabilities will influence what level of equipment you will need in your home. The electricians at AMP Electric are happy to talk through all the options to see what’s best for you and your needs!

Approx. 5 miles of range per 1 hour of charging

Level 1

This level of charging is typically used when there is only a 120 V outlet available, and can provide enough power for a casual driver’s daily needs. These are the least common types of public charging ports used in the United States, due to their low voltage and slow charging.
Approx. 25 miles of range per 1 hour of charging

Level 2

This level of equipment is the most commonly used for home charging and public and workplace charging. Level 2 equipment offers charging through 240 V or 208 V, depending on its location (residential and commercial respectively). The reason behind its popularity is its ability to charge an entire EV battery overnight.
Approx. 100-200+ miles of range per 30 minutes of charging.

Level 3

Direct-current (DC) fast charging equipment utilizes a three-phase AC input that allows for rapid charging in minimal time. This option is ideal for those with a commercial fleet, heavy-trafficked commute, or multiple EV’s at home. This charging option has three types of DC fast charging systems, depending on the type of charge port on your vehicle, but most electric vehicles hitting the market can charge using the CCS connector, making them compatible with this system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will charging cost me on my electric bill?

A: The change to your electric bill will vary on a variety of factors. To get the best estimate of what your cost might be, we suggest visiting the U.S. Department of Energy’s website where you can use their cost calculator!

Q: How long does charging take?

A: Charging times will vary depending on how low your battery is, how much energy it can hold on a charge, the kind of battery, and the kind of equipment you use for charging. Typically, Level 2 charging equipment can charge an EV’s battery easily overnight, and is the most popular choice for both residential and public charging stations alike.

Q: Can any EV use any of the charging options?

A: Most electric vehicles can use the same charge port when charging with AC Level 1, Level 2, or DC fast charging equipment.